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Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance

  2024-07-11     United States Air Force     Parkersburg,WV  

The Air Force must maintain thousands of miles of fuel and water lines essential to our daily operations. It s the job of Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance specialists to manage the plumbing, wastewater collection systems, liquid fuel storage and natural gas distribution systems on every base. These professionals are highly trained in a wide variety of areas, including the principles of operation and construction and fire suppression systems in order to keep our bases running smoothly while upholding the highest environmental standards.
You must meet several requirements before joining the Air Force. These concern your background, overall health and other standards set by the Air Force, Department of Defense and federal law.Minimum Education

A High School Senior (age 17 or older)*, High school diploma, a GED, or 15 college semester hours

*High School Students may start their application as early as the end of their junior year.

Applicants who are non-graduates or non-alternate credential holders must obtain an AFQT Test score of 65 or higher on the ASVAB.

ASVAB Score Requirements
47 Mechanical (M) and 28 Electronics (E)
  • Possession of a valid driver s license to operate government motor vehicles
  • Freedom from fear of confined spaces Freedom from fear of heights
  • Normal color vision
  • Completion of 7.5 weeks of Basic Military Training
  • Must be at least 17, but has not reached age 42 on the date of enlistment

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